Welcome to Read for My School

Supporting schools one book at a time

Read for My School empowers you to create high impact, high value school fundraisers that work for your community.

We are excited to announce that Read for My School will launch on January 4th, 2018. Scroll down to learn more!

Welcome to Read for My School!

We are excited to launch an innovative approach to school fundraising that is education-based and accessible to all communities looking to give back through the power of reading!

With Read for My School, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Our goal is to empower you with the tools to create, manage, and promote high impact, high value fundraisers that work for your community needs.

Free to Setup, Simple to Use

There’s NO SETUP FEE and a simple pricing model to create, manage, and promote large school or small classroom school fundraisers.

Connect Anytime, Anywhere

Designed around a mobile-first approach, RFMS allows you to create and manage a school fundraiser that works on any mobile device!

Create the FUN in Fundraising

Track real-time reading and fundraising progress against goals you create offering an innovative and engaging fundraiser for your readers!

Share with Donors who Care

Instantly share your school and personal story through a variety of social channels to create a deeper connection with friends and family!

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Got Questions? Check out the RFMS toolkit!

Discover how education-based fundraising can work for you!

Our mission is to deliver a digital fundraising solution that meets your targeted goals and allows you to focus on making your read-a-thon the best it can be!

Responsive Design

A innovative fundraising platform designed to be accessible across various mobile device.

Community Leaderboards

Drive excitement with your RFMS fundraiser through team and individual leaderboards.

Real-time Reporting

Detailed analytics highlight team and individual reading and fundraising progress.

Custom Goal Setting

Set overall and individual reading and fundraising goals to motivate readers to your read-a-thon finish line.

Donation Processing

Fast and simple fulfillment to wire online pledge donations directly to your bank account.

Social Fundraising

Access the latest in social fundraising tools to share your read-a-thon to donors that care.


Reading and fundraising achievement rewards provides a fun and engaging experience for your readers.

Educator Resources

Downloadable resources, tips, and best practices to support making your school fundraiser the best it can be!

Ready to Fundraise? It’s FREE to setup!


Need Help? Get the RFMS Quick Start Guide!

Our Pricing Model

Read for My School offers a clean and simple business model that is focused on providing you with the results you need!


Create a custom RFMS fundraiser that works for you!

That’s right, there’s NO SETUP FEE to create and promote a RFMS fundraiser. We only make money when you do!

20% Service Fee

On all online pledge donations from 1 up to 20,000 (USD and GBP)

RFMS Service Fee includes Stripe fulifllment processing fee of 2.9% + 0.30 per online pledge donation.

15% Service Fee

On all online pledge donations from 20,001 and higher (USD and GBP)

That’s right! The more you read and fundraise, the more your school earns with Read for My School.

Start Reading and Fundraising Today!


Need help planning a school fundraiser that works for you? Download our RFMS Quick Start Guide and take the 20/20 Challenge.